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How to Build a Life-Changing Consulting Business Online

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November 2016, by

James Brooks

Finally, you have it…

A resource that breaks down the key stages to building a kick-ass, life-changing coaching business online.

This is for you if you are a coach, consultant, solo entrepreneur or service professional, who is looking to leverage your expertise and mentor others to reach their goals and aspirations.

That list covers business coaches, health coaches, personal development and life coaches, financial advisors, real estate agents, medical consultants, and digital marketing experts to name just a few.

If you fall into this category, I know from my existing clients, you’re likely suffering from one (or maybe all) of these 3 issues.

  • You don't attract enough clients
  • You don't generate enough revenue
  • You don't have enough free time

Imagine if your coaching business solved each of these problems and operated at the intersection of all three ideal outcomes...

A coaching business that: 

  • Enabled you to attract more clients and thus help more people.
  • Generated life-changing income to safeguard your financial future
  • Freed up more time and allowed you work when and from wherever you choose.

Well, it’s my mission to move you a step closer to this reality.

The Authority Coach

So you might be sat there thinking…

I like the idea of growing my business but what exactly is an authority coach?

Well, I’m glad you asked because there's a critically important differentiation you must make from the outset of your coaching journey. The difference between the “expert” consultant and the “authority” coach.

“Expert” consultants have a lot of knowledge/experience on a subject. Most have worked in excess of the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell suggests denotes expert status. 

However, just because you’re an expert, it doesn’t mean anyone actually cares. And this is where the authority coach is different.

Authority Coaches are experts who have an audience that unquestionably cares.

Think about it…

What do people (at least most people anyway) do in the face of authority?

Yeah, they listen to what that authority says, and that authority’s word becomes law. They trust that person to be right about their field of expertise, and therefore worth listening to, following, and loyally defending.

Dave Navarro 

Authorities aren’t simply experts: They are people who are in the position to lay down the law – their law – and have people accept it. The authority sets the rules. The authority sets the tone for the industry. The authority is a leader, not because they claim to be but because they have followers who prove it to be so.

So, if you want to:

  • build a coaching business that attracts clients predictably and; 
  • generate serious money while freeing up more of your time...

...then stop aspiring to be the expert.

You should instead aspire to become an authority coach in your niche and there are 3 key stages you must go through to establish this positioning.

3 key stages that are covered in...

The Authority Coach Blueprint

The blueprint is divided into three core components with 9 steps in total.

The three primary components are critical to the success of not just a coaching business, but every business, both online and offline. I’m referring to the three P’s of business…

  • Product
  • Process
  • People

There is little point in having a great product if there is no process by which to sell it, or no people to promote it.

Similarly, a team of great people can do little for you if your product is substandard and your process complicated and inefficient.

Therefore, take note of the Authority Coach Blueprint if you are looking to scale your coaching business online. There is enormous profit in understanding how each of these three components can work together to kickstart your coaching career.

So, here again is a synopsis of those 9 steps within the Authority Coach Blueprint.

1. Create a scaleable group coaching program.

2. Create your unique signature system.

3. Base your pricing on the outcome you deliver.

4. Build your streamlined sales funnel.

5. Automate your follow up campaign.

6. Generate a flood of traffic to your offer.

7. Delegate/outsource work to established professionals.

8. Forge partnerships with influencers in your industry.

9. Hook up with, and learn from, your peers and a mentor.​

Okay, so now you need to remove any distractions and pay close attention as you read this resource.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll possibly know more about scaling your coaching business online than most consultants will know in 10 years. 

So, if you have to, read this resource multiple times until it sinks in.

Authority Coach Stage 1

Your Product

The fact you’re here means there’s a good chance you generate your primary source of income from 1-on-1 services, such as consulting.

The problem is, this gives you no leverage in your business. After all, there is only one of you and only so many hours in a day.

Sure, you can keep generating new clients and working longer hours. But eventually, this becomes exhausting and increases the risk of burning out.

It’s also difficult to stand out as a 1-on-1 consultant because in almost every industry, you are just one of many. Yes, you can highlight your credentials and you might even have some useful testimonials, but so too does everyone else.

Your service is often viewed as just a commodity…

Which probably explains why you’re not getting paid your worth. This is especially true at the beginning of your consulting career, where you’re forced to offer discounted pricing, just to get these first few clients in the door.

But there are 3 shifts you can make to eliminate these drawbacks...

1) Scaleable Service

If your only service offering is 1-on-1 consulting,  you are STUCK.

Your income is constrained by the number of hours you can work. The only way to increase your income is to increase your price. 

Now increasing you price isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's recommended, which I'll discuss in a moment. But there's an even better approach...

... Create a group coaching program.

That way, you can enrol more high-ticket clients at a given time, increasing your overall income, while at the same time, offering the opportunity to work fewer hours.  ​

So, you get to leverage your time and build a scalable coaching business.

Most consultants incorrectly believe that customers want to pay for your time. That they want you to get on the phone with them as often as possible. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, if you have clients demanding such a relationship, you'd be better off cutting ties sooner, rather than later with them, because they are operating with a scarcity mindset.

Your ideal client has an abundant mindset. They understand the value is in getting results...

... Period!

If you can deliver these results via a group coaching program, then great. If it takes 6-weeks rather than 12-months, even better.

Delivering the desired outcome in the quickest and most efficient means possible is where the gold is and your ideal client will pay top dollar for it.

2) Signature System

You should have a systematic approach to helping clients achieve their results. In order to do this, you first have to identify with, and acknowledge, your clients journey.

Then create a roadmap for them, which revolves around one major currency or path. This currency is the #1 thing your client places value on.

So, in the case of the Authority Coach Blueprint, that currency is "client flow", which is the lifeblood of every coaching and consulting business. 

Every coach and consultant wants high-ticket clients in their business because it means they don't need to enrol as many clients, while still increasing their revenue.​

Once you have your currency selected, it's time to start working on your signature system. I break this process down into four stages, which are as follows:

  • Deconstruct how you help your clients.
  • Decipher what ultimately works and what doesn't.
  • Devise a streamlined solution.
  • Deliver this solution as part of your signature system...

In terms of my findings for the Authority Coach Blueprint, I ended up with a 3x3 matrix. That is to say, there were 3 core elements (Product, Process and People), and 3 sub-elements to each core. ​

So now, when a client joins my 6-week, Authority Coach Intensive program, or they become a client of my Authority Coach Inner Circle program, the steps are crystal clear.

My role is to guide, coach and advise them through each of the steps, supplying them with frameworks, templates and scripts to make their journey easier and ensure they achieve their desired outcomes.​

So, if you haven't got a signature system in place already, start working on one.

Instead of being viewed as common, you’ll be seen as unique, giving you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

3) Selling Price & Style

What your unique signature system creates, is the opportunity to charge higher prices for your services.

Too many consultants worry their expertise is not worth premium pricing. Or worse yet, they don’t believe they themselves are worth it. They also fear of no-one will sign up if the increase their prices.

However, this is just irrational fear.

Low prices are actually detrimental, not a help, to coaches and consultants. They diminish your brand and your status, relegating you in the eyes of potential clients, as just one of many.

So, to get paid your worth, opt for premium positioning.

  • Stop basing your prices on the hours you work, and instead style your pricing on the outcome you deliver.
  • Position yourself as not only an authority, but a trusted advisor to your audience. Prioritise their needs by widening the value base.

Where your competition is charging anywhere from $7 to $497 for short courses that only solve a portion of their problem, take the lead and give away the same information for free.

Your clients will respect you for it. They will acknowledge you for it. And they will follow you because of it.​

In effect, they will give you the permission you so desperately want to charge premium pricing for services that give access to you, your expertise and your thought leadership.

Look, by focussing your efforts on priced by the hour, 1-on-1 consulting only, you're constraining you financial capabilities. Sure, you can still earn good money but the service is not scaleable.

By switching the group approach, and positioning yourself as a premium priced provider, you remove the financial shackles.

Your offering is no longer based on how many hours you work in your business, but based on the outcome it delivers for your clients.

Authority Coach - Stage 2

Your Process

Let me ask you, do you have a marketing and sales process in place that automatically generates clients on demand?

If not, don’t worry. Most don’t. Instead they rely on cold calling and emailing prospects to drum up business.

The problem with this approach is it’s manual, time consuming and there’s no consistency. Some months you get a few clients. Other months you get none. This lack of certainty fosters anxiety and stress in your role as a consultant.

Furthermore, if you are relying on a manual approach, your conversion rates will be substandard, resulting in a leak of potential new customers.

For example, did you know:

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect. And yet, only 2% of sales are ever made on the first contact.
  • Meanwhile, only 10% of sales people make more than three contacts and yet 90% of sales are made on the 4th-12th contact.

So, unless you're diligently managing your cold calling process and following up, you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

And finally, without a proper process in place, it’s likely few people ever get to see your offer. In the film, "Field of Dreams", Kevin Costner's character works off the premise, “build it and they will come”.

Might have worked for Kevin but it’s a disastrous approach for consultants and coaches. Doing nothing will result a trickle of traffic at best. Authority coaching businesses aren’t built on trickles.

So, the Authority Coach Blueprint sets out a 3-phase plan for automating your marketing process, covering...

... the funnel, the follow-up and the flow.

Let's take a look at each of these three in a bit more depth.

4) Streamlined Sales Funnel

So, the first thing you need to do is understand the buyers journey and create a funnel.

Although the optimal outcome is to make a sale, the funnel itself should not be a sales pitch. Rather, the goal should be to:

  • Engage them with a compelling offer.
  • Enrich them with educational content.
  • Entice them with the value you deliver.

​And right now, there is nothing better to engage, enrich and entice, than a combination of webinar and strategy sessions calls. Most successful coaches online now integrate these into their funnels...

... None more so than Russ Ruffino, who generated over $200k in one month on $15k ad spend with this funnel.

So, the lead is directed to the webinar registration page (i.e. compelling offer). Here they submit their details and then login in when the webinar begins (enrich).

Webinars themselves usually run for up to 60 minutes and most effective webinar tends to structured similarly, in that they spend:

  • 15-20% of the time on the introduction
  • 60-70% on the educational content
  • 15-20% on the close/call-to-action

For coaches and consultants, this close is important. Because rather than entice the attendee to make a purchase, you invite them to book in a free strategy session call with you.

Again, you’re not selling.

You're offering to help them overcome any problem they might have, without having to pay. In other words, you’re putting their interests first and widening the value base...

... the hallmark of every great trusted adviser and authority.

The final stage of the funnel is to get on the strategy session (i.e. entice) with the prospect. Here, you dig to get a better understanding of their business and once you’ve establishment their problems, you tell them how best to solve them.

If you’re like most coaches and consultants you might be questioning why would you give your prospect the answer to their problems without first signing them up as a client.

The reason being it isn’t enough for most prospects to simply know what to do.

Prospects want guidance on the implementation side and are willing to pay for someone to either “do it with them” or “do it for them”.

5) Follow-Up Campaign

Now, in an ideal scenario, your prospect arrives on your landing page, signs up for the webinar, attends, then books in a strategy session with you and immediately signs up at the end of the call, such has been the value you delivered.

​It doesn’t always pan out that way, though:

  • Some will sign up and never attend the webinar.
  • Others will leave the webinar early, never getting the opportunity to book in a strategy session call with you.
  • While others still will get on the phone for you but for one reason or another, fail to sign up for your offer.

This is where the follow up comes into play.

You create a process that automatically follows up with the prospect, depending on the action they took. Or alternatively, we retarget them with a relevant message online.

You see, only 2% of your audience convert at the first time of asking...

... and that's if you're doing everything  right.

Of course, this means 98% are leaving without taking action. Not because they don't like you, but simply because...

... they don't know you! 

A retargeting campaign looks to keep your brand in front of this 98% after they leave your website. So, over time, they learn more about you and become convinced of your authenticity and the value you bring to the table.

The reason retargeting is so important is simple...

... It works!

Consider some of the following figures based on research by Chango, Retargeter, Emarketer and Wishpond.

  • 1,046% = the increase in branded research because of retargeting​
  • 70% = the number of web visitors more likely to be converted by retargeting.
  • 726% = the lift in site visitation after 4 weeks of retargeting.
  • 147% = the potential lift in conversions through retargeting.

For any coach or or consultant looking to grow their business online, email follow up combined with retargeting is a must. Throw a good funnel into the mix and you'll see an immediate improvement in your ROI.

6) Flow of Traffic

All that’s left once you have the funnel and follow up systems built, is to generate traffic to the offers.

People tend to get tripped up here because theres just so many different traffic tips, tactics and strategies floating around...

From tweeting, to blogging, periscoping, snapchatting and podcasting. All have their merits, but your goal should be to operate with a minimalist mindset.

In other words...

... Find the one thing proven to be working and focus your efforts on that.

Right now, the most effective way of building a list quickly and generating traffic to your offers, is Facebook ads. Due to their large database of information, the targeting capabilities of Facebook are incredible, which is reflected in the company's public revenue disclosure.

But if you're thinking Facebook Ads start and end with getting people to immediately opt-in or buy a product or service from you, you are mistaken.

In most niches, it is the perfect platform to create brand awareness and establish authority positioning, without breaking the bank.​

Look, I'm sure you realise the importance of content marketing in your business. The rise is undeniable and is increasingly leveraged by top brands and business authorities worldwide.

Just check out the search trend on google for the phrase "content marketing".​

But, content marketing is not easy, is it?

Chances are, you've written at least one blog post or article, published it online, and then be greeted with the sound of crickets rather than applause.​

I've been there and know how much that sucks too!

So, this again is where Facebook comes in. For just $5-$10 a day, you can create a blog post or article and zero in on either your existing audience, by boosting your posts, or your target market through Facebook Ads. ​

Rather than breaking down each of the steps here myself, check out this excellent post on Digital Marketer - How 6 Pro Marketers Would Spend $10/day Buying Website Traffic. ​

One you have your targeting and ads dialled, you simply open to floodgates and watch the traffic, webinar registrations and strategy session bookings role in.

Authority Coach - Stage 3

Your People

In his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris outlined a solid process for reducing your workload, while at the same time growing your business.

You start by eliminating work that does not provide an obvious ROI. Of what remains, you automate as much as possible. Then, you delegate what can’t be automated.

Pareto Principle

I'm sure many of you have heard of the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Or, you spend 80% of your time focussed on generating just 20% of your results.

In most cases, it’s because entrepreneurs try and do too much for too long.

At the beginning it is unavoidable and even admirable that you wear so many hats in your business. But during the scaling stage, it becomes detrimental because you find yourself working around the clock just to keep up.

But, as your business grows, you have to switch from marketer to manager or else you're destroying value in the business.

You must adopt a different mindset as manager. You must learn a different set of skills, from learning to leading, delegating, hiring and outsourcing.

Another challenge when it comes to scaling your business is your lack of network. Authorities tend to be well connected but you’re not at that stage…at least not yet.

And the final challenge is that of overwhelm.

Scaling a business can be challenging and stressful, if you are going it alone. And most believe they have no option but to go it alone.

However, this of course is not true and something that should be tackled once your business experiences growth.

So, there are three people in particular you need to overcome these challenges.

7) Prime Professionals

You need to build your coaching, sales and marketing systems. But let’s face it, you’re not (nor do you want to be) a sales or marketing expert...

You’re a coach!

Therefore, once the business is consistently generating clients and profits, you look to delegate and outsource. 

Hire a team of professionals to carry out important tasks. Professionals who can 2x, 5x, even 10x your business with their expertise.

For example, millionaire consultant Sam Ovens hired an agency to run his Facebook campaign, and subsequently did $72k in sales in one week on just $4k of ad spend.

Meanwhile, millionaire trader Tim Sykes, credits renowned marketer Neil Patel in scaling his business from $600k in revenue, to over ​$15k per annum in revenue.

The point I'm making is that the top earners all outsource tasks like marketing and sales to focus on their core competency and drive their business further.

8) Profit Partners

Finding the right partners not only increase your clientele and the bottom line of your business. They also elevate your authority positioning and trust worthy status.

You must reach out to influencers in either your specific industry or complimentary industries and forge partnerships.

Find a way of offering them some mutual benefit that they simply cannot refuse.

9) Peers & Mentor

You can go it alone, and suffer the frustration of solving every problem yourself. Or, you can be part of a community with peers and a mentor for support and to keep you accountable.

The most important thing being your peers are going through a similar journey and your mentor has gone through this journey.

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Checking these three boxes as you scale your business, means you transition from being a jack of all trades and a master of none doing marketing, design, sales, etc.… to focussing on you core strength and becoming the master of that.

In other words, coaching others to achieve the success they desperately want.

The analogy I like to use is the human body. Imagine for a moment that this body represents your business.

The head, is you. You are the brains of the overall operation. You are the face of the brand. It’s your voice. It’s up to you to listen to what’s going on in your industry.

But below the head… the neck, the body, the arms, the fingers, the legs, toes and the heart. These represent the professionals, partners and peers. They ensure the body functions and they support the head.

I’m always amazed when successful consultants procrastinate on whether to outsource certain tasks. The excuse always comes down to margins. They argue “if I hire someone, I’m giving up margin, when I could just do the job myself”.

But that’s shortsighted.

Sure, by doing everything you might have more of the smaller pie. But by outsourcing, that pie grows substantially larger.

Who in their right mind wouldn't prefer to have 50% of a $10 million business over 100% of a $1 million business?​

The Authority Coach Invitation

Now, the one thing that brings all of 9 steps together is Iteration. But yikes, this post is already over 3,000 words so it's beyond the scope of this resource.

If you want to learn more about this iteration process and indeed, the Authority Coach Blueprint and how people are generating 6 and 7-figures following a similar process, check out my free webinar.

If in just 10 minutes you learned more than what most coaches and consultants will learn in a decade regarding the growth of the business online, imagine what you'll learn in 45 minutes…

... I reckon it’s more than most coaches and consultants will know in their lifetime.

Specifically, what you’ll discover on this webinar is:

  • How to REMOVE STRESS and swap exhausting 1-on-1 consulting clients for a more SCALEABLE and LUCRATIVE, coaching business model.
  • Why LOW prices are KILLING your personal brand... and what shifts are needed to EFFORTLESSLY charge PREMIUM prices for your services.
  • A Simple but PROVEN 4-step process that predictably generates 5-20 high-ticket clients each month... and all on AUTOPILOT.
  • The #1 RULE every top coach knows about increasing their CONVERSIONS of leads from 2% to 20%... in under 7 Days.
  • Why blogging and podcasting is a WASTE OF TIME for most coaches... and what you can do instead to drive a FLOOD OF TRAFFIC to your offer.
  • And finally, the SECRET to freeing up more of your time and EXPLODING your business from 5 figures to 6, and even 7-figures PER MONTH.

The training is ABSOLUTELY FREE and considering you’ve made it this far, I know you’ll be stunned by the value on the webinar.

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James is an online business coach and creator of the Authority Coach Blueprint. He works with coaches, consultants and service professionals to leverage their expertise, establish authority positioning and generate high-ticket clients on demand, through the creation of online coaching programs and marketing automation.