How to Convert 60% of Business Traffic to Leads

You've created an excellent piece of content. A free report or video that brings value to your niche market.

You know the best way to distribute this report is through Facebook ads.

But, you need to do one other thing. You need to capture their contact details in exchange for your offer of value.

Marketers refer to this as a "lead magnet”, which are “Win-Win" propositions.

Your clients get their free report/ video. You get their email address to market to at a later date.

In todays post, I want to show you how I created positioned my lead magnet to convert at over 60%.

Oh, and that's not 60% to an existing list. I'm talking about a 60% conversion to a cold list who did not know me.

Your "Win-Win" Opt-in Funnel

To develop your win-win proposition, you will need to create an opt-in funnel. The word funnel here is important because it conveys there is not just one step, but many steps in the process.

At it’s most basic, an opt-in funnel can incorporate 2 simple steps:

1. Landing page where you present your lead magnet. Also, the prospect is able to provide their details in return.

2. Thank you page where you acknowledge their input and deliver the lead magnet.

The offer itself can vary. However, it is common to use ebooks, free reports, checklists, articles, and videos.

In recent years, webinars have become an increasingly popular and powerful strategy for businesses.

So, the opt-in page might actually be a registration page to an upcoming free webinar or workshop.

Many of you are reading this today because of my win-win proposition.

In return for your personal details, you received my free report, Solving the Wealth Equation.

It's a detailed free report that covers three areas critical to creating wealth. Namely, building your authority, your business and your investment portfolio.

Before, developing theses landing pages required coding skills an caused many headaches.

But, things have changed.

Thrive Themes, Leadpages and Clickfunnels offer software that removes the complexity.

Clean and professional pages are now just a few clicks of a button away. Even for someone like me with no tech background whatsoever.

There are others providers but these are the three I have personally used and can recommend.

7 Essential Elements for Your Landing Page

Don’t assume success because prospects opt-in to view your win-win proposition. Views are one thing. Conversions are another.

There is a science to creating landing pages that convert well.

1. Design

Your design should fit the message you are trying to convey. If your landing page is targeting high net worth professionals, keep the design clean and sophisticated. If your offer is light-hearted and funny, the design might include more colour and graphics.​

2. Headline

Your headline should highlight a problem or offer a solution to an existing problem your prospects have. Just make sure the solution is something your prospects actually want, rather than what you think they need.

3. Tagline

Your tagline should be a benefit or feature of whatever you are offering. Use strong, language to inspire your prospects into taking action.

​4. Benefits

Your benefits should be clear and concise. When giving away something free like a report, there is no need to go overboard with text. Rather, a short list of benefits will be more effective.

5. Incentive

You should include an image of the lead magnet you are offering. The image should be clear. The colors should compliment the design of the page and the font matches that used on the landing page.

​6. Call-to-Action

Adopt a 2-step opt-in process. That is, ask them to first click a button register for the offer. It 's a small commitment before they enter their details. It might seem irrelevant but these micro-commitments are powerful. They condition your prospect to saying “yes” to what you want them to do.

7. Sign-Up-Form

Your final step is to make available where they can enter their details. Once you ask your prospect for their details, follow it up with a benefit. So, something like “So I Can” or “Because”. The font style, color and feel of the pop-up box matches the professional feel of the rest of the landing page.

Now, it’s time to look at this in action with a real life case study.

60% Success Rate With This Landing Page

One of the most successful campaigns I have run to cold traffic is “Solving the Wealth Equation: How Everyday Entrepreneurs Build Extraordinary Wealth Empires”.

Despite the audience not knowing who I was, the page converted cold traffic at just over 60%.

Here is how I created the page using seven key elements. Feel free to use some of my ideas to boost the performance of your landing page(s).

Solving the Wealth Equation Landing Page

Solving the Wealth Equation (STWE) Landing Page Pop-up

1. Design of STWE

Ever since Apple came out with their beautiful, minimalistic branding, I was hooked.

A clean white background with striking product images drew customers eyes. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve with my landing page.

A plain white background to convey an uncluttered, professional feel.

2. Headline of STWE

My target audience is entrepreneurs who are trying to build wealth but have struggled thus far.

Many are confused by the process of building wealth and are looking for a formula.

So, by using the words “solving” and “wealth equation”, I'm confirming the formula exits. A formula adopted by the wealthy that entrepreneurs should heed.

3. Tagline of STWE

Whether it be entrepreneurs, professionals or everyday people, being part of a community tends to be enjoyable and reassuring.

So, I wanted to convey a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Each trying to achieve a common goal.

Words such as “Extraordinary” and “Empire” are emotive. I used them to both inspire and convince the prospect to request the free report.

4. Benefits of STWE

In this example, I used a blend of techniques with my list of benefits.

Three of the benefits include numbers (i.e. #1 mistake, 6-key steps and the #1 industry). Another of the benefits uses the popular “how to” method.

5. Incentive of STWE

In my case, the incentive was a free report.

I ensured the colour scheme of the cover image contrasted the white background. I ensured the text could also be easily read.

Because so much information is consumed digitally, I chose to represent the report on an iPad. Rather than as a physical cover.

6. Call-to-Action of STWE

I used a 2-step opt-in process. Then, reinforced the benefit by making reference to the fact the report was free (i.e. “Download Your Free Report Here).

I ensured the button itself was large.

As for color, marketers often suggest a unique color that stands out. But, this can sometimes look ugly.

By adopting the clean white background, the red in this case still looks professional.

7. Sign Up Form for STWE

As mentioned above, I chose a 2-step opt-in process. So once the prospect clicks the “Download Your Free Report” button, a pop-up appears.

Now, I ask the prospect to enter their details but I again repeat the benefit.

Of course, the most important thing with any landing page is to ensure you deliver on your promise. If you offer someone a free report, you better send them a free report.

Create Now. Optimise Later

I am sure most of you have heard of A/B testing, split testing, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, these are important when optimising the performance of any campaign. Testing different headings, taglines, benefits, colours, fonts and so on.

But, the priority starting out is to just to get ONE landing page created.

Following the seven criteria above should enhance your odds of success. Your opt-in page should perform well enough to ensure you generate relatively low-cost leads.

Give it a go and let me know. Feel free to share your experiences below.

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James is a digital marketing consultant and online business strategist. He helps coaches, consultants, and solo professionals market their business online so they establish authority positioning and predictably generate 5-20 high-ticket, new clients every month.

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