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James is the founder of Brooks Wealth and creator of the “Value in Trends®” investment system. He discusses the system his best selling book “The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets”.


James has amassed a thorough understanding of the markets from his time working across New York, Dublin and Melbourne. Now, his mission is to educate and lead a group of like-minded investors to regain control over their portfolios, through his movement, The Brooks Way.

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The Brooks Way

Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets.

The conventional approach to equity investing relies on flawed theories, inadequate frameworks and suboptimal processes. Investors are being set up for failure.


To succeed, investors must create an independent investment system. A system built on a solid framework and a proven strategy. The book enables investors to take their first steps toward developing this investment system.

More About The Book

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Value in Trends®

Value in Trends is the investment system I personally built and use to compound wealth in the markets.


Most investors limit themselves to value investing OR trading trends. However, by combining the two, the potential for explosive returns is enhanced considerably.


The ViT system rejects theory. Outcomes are delivered by following a process based on tested and proven results. Results for example, that have delivered average returns as high as 30.1% since 2001.

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The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is my 12-month mentorship program tailored toward investors looking to independently compound their wealth.


The program includes exclusive access to me and my proprietary ViT research. Each week, I reveal the latest trends in the investment markets and the undervalued opportunities being overlooked by the investment community. Opportunities that stretch across multiple asset classes, sectors and stocks.


To guarantee member satisfaction, the group is kept small and intimate. Therefore, entry in to my Inner Circle is through an application process only. Strict criteria applies to ensure only those I believe I can help are permitted into the program.

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The Blog

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    Fellow Investor, Named after economist Hyman Minsky, the Minsky Moment is based on the idea that following an extended period of speculation, a crash typically occurs. The greater the extent and length of the speculation, the greater the resulting crises will be. Since 2008, global......

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    1 Trend. 3 Months. €27,831 Profit…It’s Not Rocket Science!

    Outside of my business and my stock market portfolio, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to build wealth. And in late June this year, one such opportunity jumped up and grabbed me. An opportunity that thus far has yielded €27,831 (approximately $35,262). Oh, one other minor detail… This......