James Brooks

James is the founder of Brooks Wealth, an investment education company delivering its message through online services and publications. He is also the author of the best selling book “The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets” and is the creator of the Value in Trends® (ViT) investment system. James has amassed a thorough understanding of the stock market from his time spent working across New York, Dublin and Melbourne. Now, his mission is to educate and lead a movement of like-minded investors to regain control over their equity portfolios.

The Brooks Way is that movement.

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The Brooks Way

Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets.

The conventional approach to equity investing relies on flawed theories, inadequate frameworks and suboptimal processes. Investors are being set up for failure. To succeed, investors must create an independent investment system. A system built on a solid framework and a proven strategy. The book enables investors to take their first steps toward developing this investment system.

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The 4D Approach

Value in Trends®

Disillusioned with the traditional approach to equity investing, James developed the Value in Trends® (ViT) investment system. This system combines two of the most powerful approaches stock market investors can adopt; value investing and trend investing.

By combining both, investors have a dynamic approach to not only building wealth in rising markets, but also protecting their capital during times of declining markets.

Complete Overview of the 4D Approach

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The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a specialised program for those in the investment business, such as professional investors, registered investment advisors and independent investors. Working 1-on-1, I will help you build your own investment related business system. This system will attract new prospects and effectively convert them into clients.

Circle Overview