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James’ passion is empowering professional investors and traders worldwide to generate higher returns in the markets and subsequently grow their business.


He is a former global senior investment analyst, with his considerable experience spanning three continents; North America, Europe and Australia. Brooks is also the creator of the Value in Trends® system and is the best-selling author of The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets.


Professional investors and traders subscribe to Brooks’ global focussed daily publication, The Brooks Letter, while others hire him for his investment content expertise.


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Best Selling Author


By following the traditional stock market approach, investors are setting themselves up for failure. To succeed in the markets, investors must develop an investment system.


In The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets, James reveals his dynamic 4D Approach to equip investors with the knowledge and insights to develop this system.


The empowered investor dismisses the noise, choosing instead to rely on their system based upon a proven process. Their reward is the ability to independently build wealth and safeguard their financial futures.

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Experienced Investor

James is a former senior investment analyst, whose experience stretches across all corners of the globe.


Toward the end of 2012, he left the investment industry to trade and manage his own investment portfolio using his proprietary strategy, Value in Trends®.


A strategy incorporating both value investing and trend following best practices.


Adopting this approach, James shares his insights into the global equity markets with high net worth and professional investors worldwide in his weekly investment publication The Brooks Letter.

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Investment Freelancer

In today’s competitive investment landscape, content is king. However, most investment professionals do not have the time, nor the resources, to produce content that is consistent, insightful AND primed for SEO purposes.


As an investment content specialist, James solves this.


He helps sole traders and small-to-medium sized investment related businesses  grow, through content strategies that sets them apart from their competition. Content strategies that work in terms of resources, optimize lead flow and increase client conversion.

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The Investment Blog of James Brooks

  • Screenshot 2015-05-21 14.16.06
    Strength in Energy But Warning Signs Flashing for Industrial Metals and Agricultural Commodities

    Coming into 2015, I had been bearish on commodities and as the year got underway, I had little reason to change my mind. It had nothing to do with my economic outlook or my supply/demand forecasts. Rather, it had been based purely on price action.......

  • Screenshot 2015-05-19 13.02.11
    Bubbles Brewing…But Still No Pop

    Dear Journal, Starting this morning off, fuelled by a coffee with a twist. I’ve taken my high quality, low toxin coffee, blended it together with 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass fed butter and 1-2 tablespoons of XCT oil.  Although mixing coffee and butter together is......

  • Screenshot 2015-05-13 19.25.52
    Is Now The Time to Fight “Four Feds”?

    Don’t fight the Fed. It is a truism investors have lived with post the Great Recession as the Federal Reserve initiated and then ramped up their stimulus measures. Now however, despite the “four Feds” (i.e. the ECB, BOJ, PBoC and the U.S. central bank), being......

  • Screenshot 2015-05-07 13.29.44
    Commodity Trend Reversal Continues For Now

    With Chinese investors excited by the prospect of further stimulus, commodities have been receiving a big of late. Readers will be aware that I initiated a bullish on the Energy and Industrial commodity indices of late, highlighting both Copper and oil in particular. Yesterday, Copper......