James Brooks | Investor, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant
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James’ personal mission is to help 100 entrepreneurs turn their passions into 6-figure incomes by 2021 through his One Empire Income community.


James also provides 1-on-1 consultations to small-medium sized businesses. Businesses he believes have the potential to at least 2x their revenue through his online approach.


Whether through business or consulting, James is driven to build his own passive income. Income he can invest in growing companies with the potential to produce 10x returns.


A former senior investment analyst, his experience spans over a decade across 3 continents. Working in cities such as Dublin, New York and Melbourne.


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Grow Rich Investing

You want to grow your wealth, right?


You’re trying to earn more and spend less. You’re on the right track and should be pleased. But deep down you’re frustrated. The process is slow.


You feel like you could be doing more. And you’re right. You could invest


James created an investment system to help you capitalise on “ten bagger” stocks, a term made famous by legendary investor Peter Lynch.


These are companies with the potential to 10x your initial investment. Companies with the potential to help you Grow Rich Investing.

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One Empire Income

Remember when you were a kid?


You were free to play. To be happy. To be creative and follow your passions.


Over time, that changed. You were told to conform. From school to the workplace, your passion became secondary. A job a priority.


Well, James wants to change this, which is why he set up One Empire Income.


He’s helping people turn their passion into income so they can be financially free. Free to choose themselves, live life on their terms and inspire others to do likewise.

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Finance Writer

Great content sets people and businesses apart.


Unfortunately, most content online today is uninspiring, generic and in a word…boring. It’s no way to reward loyal clients and a terrible first impression to give prospective clients.


James solves this for individuals and businesses operating within the finance and investment industries.


He creates compelling content. Content that is already proven to be popular within your niche.


Content that has prospects begging for more and returning to your site repeatedly.


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