James Brooks | Empowering Investors & Traders To Generate Higher Market Returns
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Brooks’ mission is to empower investors and traders to to consistently generate higher returns in the markets.


This starts with the development of your personal investment system so that you can remove emotional bias from the decision making process. The conventional wisdom is rejected. Theories and forecasts are dismissed. Instead, proven indicators and triggers guide your investment process.


Brooks signature service is The Inner Circle. This is an application only program, that gives members exclusive access to his insights, research and investment strategies.


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By following the traditional stock market approach, investors are setting themselves up for failure. To succeed in the markets, investors must develop an investment system.


In The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets, James reveals his dynamic 4D Approach to equip investors with the knowledge and insights to develop this system.


The empowered investor dismisses the noise, choosing instead to rely on their system based upon a proven process. Their reward is the ability to independently build wealth and safeguard their financial futures.

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Value in Trends®

Brooks is a former global senior investment analyst, with his considerable experience spanning three continents; North America, Europe, and Australia.


An avid investor, Brooks left the industry at the end of 2012 and returned to Ireland to complete his “Value in Trends® (ViT)” investment system. An investment system six years in the making and that now is igniting a movement of independent investors and traders.


ViT is the same system Brooks uses today to compound and protect his personal wealth in the investment markets.


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The Inner Circle

The investment industry is full of experts. Less so authorities. Authorities who are willing to challenge the status quo and reject much of the harmful noise that pollutes investors minds.


The Inner Circle is Brooks’ signature service tailored toward institutional and retail investors/traders. Access is restricted due to the sensitive nature of the insights shared by Brooks. New clients are accepted on an ongoing application based process.


During your 12-month membership, you will have access to Brooks’ investment insights, his Value in Trends® research and a private, members only group. You also get complimentary access to any online workshops Brooks runs during the period you are a member.


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The Investment Diary of James Brooks

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    An Investment Analysts Guide to Average Returns

    “I quit and I quit and I quit and at the time it seemed scary. Like if I enter the abyss will I get sucked to the bottom? I had to give myself permission to quit. Many times. Not just one. But I waited and I......

    Euro Down, Down, Down…Like A Burning Ring of Fire!

    In addition to his role as a mentor to high net worth and institutional investors, James also produces written content to some of his clients. From the middle of 2014, he began to notice the emerging trends in Chinese equities and the U.S dollar. In today’s diary......

  • Screenshot 2015-03-26 21.17.58
    Average Returns of 28.4% Per Annum Since 2001

    In my 2013 book, The Brooks Way: Compound Wealth and Protect Capital in Equity Markets, I discussed a value strategy. A strategy that produced an average return in the region of 30% per annum since 2001, decimating the performance of the broader market. I called......

  • Screenshot 2015-03-25 22.05.31
    Value in Trends® Investing (4/4): Risk Management

    For those who have read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator based loosely on the legendary speculator, Jesse Livermore, you will be well aware of the importance he placed on sitting tight once he had initiated a position. In his reference to sitting, Livermore means allowing......